A Man Buying Ice-Cream At A Service Station Was Allegedly Found With Handmade Firearms, Handcuffs And Weapons

September 22nd, 2016

A  Corio man allegedly found with handmade loaded firearms, cable tie handcuffs, balaclavas, weapons and duct tape outside a servo was “only there to buy ice cream”, a court has heard.

Wayne Lunn, 36, who des­cribes himself on his Facebook page as “a five fingered discount/ removalist” appeared in Geelong Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday facing a raft of charges including firearms, ammunition and weapons offences.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Scott Bell said Mr Lunn and a female friend rode bicycles to the Apco Servo on Thompson Rd, North Geelong, about 1.30am on September 16.

“They loitered about until staff became suspicious and called police,” Sen-Constable Bell said.

“When police arrived they spoke to Lunn and, inside a backpack he was carrying, loc­ated two loaded homemade firearms, cable tie handcuffs, two balaclavas, one makeshift baton and two rolls of duct tape.”

Sen-Constable Bell said Mr Lunn was also carrying a pocket knife in his bumbag, another pocket knife and multi-tool strapped to his ankle and a third knife in his jacket pocket.

The prosecutor said Mr Lunn was already on two lots of bail for matters including burglary, theft and assaulting a former partner.

“On June 5, he used his mother’s car to commit a burglary and theft at Barwon Heads,” he said.

“When disturbed by the owner, Lunn fled on foot, leaving his mum’s car loaded with stolen goods and his passenger asleep in the front seat.

“He hitchhiked to Marshall railway station, stole a bike then rode to Geelong police station to give himself up.”

Tim Sullivan, for Mr Lunn, said his client admitted making the firearms and carrying them around for protection after having a gun put to his head by “powerful people” in a drug-related situation.

“He says he was not going to commit an armed robbery at the servo, he was going to get ice cream,” Mr Sullivan said.

Magistrate Ron Saines said that, by his own admission, Mr Lunn was a drug addict and had accumulated drug debts.

“I doubt there are any conditions I could put in place to prevent him re-offending,” he said. He refused bail. Lunn will reappear on October 12th.

– Karen Matthews


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