Gun Dealer Granted Bail After Police Raid Allegedly Netted 200 Weapons

September 23rd, 2016

Geelong gun dealer Mark White has fronted court on 27 firearms-related charges after recent federal police raids across Geelong resulted in the seizure of more than 200 illegal weapons.

Mr White, 44, of Thompson St, Whittington, appeared briefly in Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday to answer his bail.

The court heard that Mr White was initially charged with one count of possessing an unregistered Category E longarm but further charges had been laid on Wednesday night, taking the total number of charges he is facing to 27.

Charges include six counts of being a non-prohibited person in possession of a Category E longarm, possessing more than three unregistered firearms, being a dealer failing to label firearms and 18 counts of failing to obtain prescribed particulars.

The charges stem from a joint US/Australia operation investigating the illegal importation of firearms into Australia.

As a result, police raids were conducted in Victoria and NSW, including properties at Moolap and Whittington.

It is alleged that during the execution of the search warrants assorted firearms and parts were seized, including 19 semi-automatic handgun frames, six semi-automatic handgun parts and 10kg of ammunition.

The raids in Geelong are alleged to have uncovered a cache of more than 200 weapons, including a fully automatic assault rifle.

Magistrate Ron Saines adjourned Mr White’s matters for a contest mention hearing at Geelong Magistrates’ Court on November 29.

He also extended Mr White’s bail with conditions he continue to reside at Thompson St, Whittington, and not to possess, carry or use any firearms.

– Karen Matthews


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