Teenager Accused Of Bashing

September 24th, 2016

Police released this photo of Hamlyn Heights man Wally Janeczko.

A young Corio man has fronted court over an alleged attack that left a man looking like this.

The image shows the extent of Hamlyn Heights man Wally Janeczko’s injuries immediately after an alleged assault by a stranger in his home.

Kyle Elston, 19, of Lofty Ct, Corio, was arrested early yesterday in relation to an alleged home violent home invasion and then faced Geelong Magistrates’ Court.

Police will allege Mr Elston visited the Chaucer St address on August 22, where he threatened Mr Janeczko’s 93-year-old father with a knife before flooding the property to lure him outside.

They will allege he then entered the home and set upon Mr Janeczko, beating him in the head in front of his father and leaving him injured with severe bruising and swelling.

He allegedly used a knife to cut the 67-year-old’s wallet from his back pocket.

At the time, Mr Janeczko’s father ran out of the home to get help from a neighbour who raised the alarm.

Days later a bruised and battered Mr Janeczko told the media he was “in a lot of pain” after the alleged attack which he believed had lasted more than 20 minutes.

Mr Elston has been charged with aggravated burglary, armed robbery, intentionally cause injury, recklessly cause injury and assault with a weapon.

During his filing hearing on Friday he wore a black T-shirt and jeans and looked around the courtroom where a woman, who is believed to be known to him, held a baby up to the dock.

His lawyer, Stephanie Mawby, said her client had not been in custody before.

When asked by Magistrate Ann McGarvie about any custody management issues, the court was told Mr Elston was withdrawing from ice, marijuana and alcohol.

Mr Elston made no application for bail and was remanded in custody for a committal mention on January 13.

Ms McGarvie said Mr Elston’s lawyer was likely to apply for bail before that date.

– Bethany Tyler


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