Operation Scoreboard

September 29th, 2016

No matter which team you support, the key to being a winner this AFL Grand Final weekend is to stay safe on the roads.

Victoria Police is asking everyone to play their role as they launch Operation Scoreboard.

Road Policing Acting Assistant Commissioner Debra Robertson said together police and the community could reach the goal of zero deaths on the state’s roads.

“Stopping all deaths on our roads is our long term goal but any day where no lives are lost is fantastic,” she said.

“Three people were killed and more than 150 people were injured on Victorian roads during last year’s AFL Grand Final long weekend.

“Having zero deaths and injuries this year would make me as happy as Carlton wining the flag.

“No matter if you are barracking for the Bulldogs or Swans this weekend, I ask that you enjoy the weekend safely.

“If you plan to drink please plan not to drive, organise a designated driver, use public transport or call a cab.

“Or if you are just planning to use the long weekend for a quick getaway please travel within the speed limit, take regular breaks and most importantly arrive safely.”

The Mornington Pensinsula, Surf Coast, Benalla, Bass Coast, and Mitchell areas have been identified as high risk and will have additional resources throughout the operation.

The state-wide road safety operation will run from today until midnight Sunday.


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