Witnesses Won’t Talk About Unprovoked Noble Park Stabbing

October 13th, 2016

Frustrated detectives say dozens of witnesses are staying silent over a stabbing that nearly claimed a young man’s life in Melbourne’s south-east.

The 24-year-old man was nearly killed after being set upon outside the venue of a 22nd birthday party in Noble Park.

Police are appealing for witnesses of a stabbing attack in Noble Park on Grand Final morning. Picture: 7 News

It was about 4am on the AFL Grand Final morning when the victim and a friend arrived, but the party was already over.

The pair were returning to their car to leave when two men confronted the pair, made threats and chased them back to the party venue, police say.

While fleeing, the victim tripped on the edge of the gutter and fell to the ground outside the venue, where a group of people gathered.

He was stabbed 11 times to the abdomen, chest, stomach and leg, in what police believe was an unprovoked attack.

CCTV shows a number of people running down the street at the time of the attack, and some who stepped between the victim and the offender.

After lashing out in public, the men managed to slink away from the serious consequences.

Vehicles can also be seen driving past while the victim was being stabbed, kicked and punched, including a light coloured SUV.

The attack was unprovoked, and the victim was not believed to be armed, according to Detective Senior Constable Kimberley Alp.

Police know that a knife was used but are yet to recover the weapon.

The victim suffered life-threatening wounds when he arrived in the hospital, including a punctured lung, and arterial damage to his leg, but surgeons were able to stem the bleeding.

He has been released from hospital but has not yet returned to work.

“His stomach you could describe looks like a bit of a zipper going up the middle because of the number of staples required to fix the primary wound,” Detective Alp said.

Police estimate up to 30 people were in the area at the time of the stabbing, with a number of witnesses coming to the aid of the victim.

Witnesses have been urged to come forward with more information to assist with the investigation.

Detective senior constable Kimberley Alp said the victim was very lucky to be alive. Picture: 7 News

Detective senior constable Kimberley Alp said there were no shortage of potential witnesses to the attack.

“We’re appealing to the wider South Sudanese community. It was a surprise birthday for a 22-year-old and there were multiple persons of African appearance who were there on the night.

“We really do ask them to consider what the victim’s been through and how serious this was and potentially could have been,” Detective Alp said.

“Only a small number of people have spoken to police. We believe a large number know what happened.”

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

– Cameron Baud


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