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Police as Filter The police, as the first agency in the criminal justice process, are also of course the first agency to ‘filter out’ cases which although considered important enough by the public to report, are not considered so by … Continue reading

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Supreme Court of Delaware. Mark RIVERA, Defendant Below, Appellant, v. STATE of Delaware, Plaintiff Below, Appellee. No. 111,2010. Decided: November 10, 2010 Before STEELE, Chief Justice, HOLLAND, BERGER and JACOBS, Justices, and NOBLE, Vice Chancellor,constituting the Court en Banc.1 Ronald … Continue reading

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– A crucial top-secret report into the Australian authorities’ response to the distress of the ill-fated asylum seeker boat known as the SIEV 358 was deliberately withheld from a West Australian police investigation into the sinking which killed 104 men. … Continue reading

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– Customs and Border Protection waited hours before directing its ship to go to the rescue of a foundering asylum seeker boat that eventually capsized on Friday night, killing a baby boy and leaving eight other people missing, feared drowned. … Continue reading

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– The signs that Christmas is upon us include the Myer window display, bad carol music in every department store and the news police are set to blitz Victoria’s holiday hot-spots. But this year will be different: members of the … Continue reading

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LACK OF SUPPORT A REAL CRIME – Friday November 9 2012

– Twenty-five years after Victoria launched Australia’s first Crime Stoppers program, the results speak for themselves. Information provided by over 550,000 callers to Crime Stoppers since November 9th, 1987, has led to nearly 14,000 arrests, almost 60,000 criminal charges and … Continue reading

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SURF DEATH PROBE – Saturday March 31 2012

– A “Dangerous surf” warning was given to life-saving officials before 14-year-old competitor Matthew Barclay drowned at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships on the Gold Coast this week. Sources say a senior Gold Coast City Council lifeguard expressed concern … Continue reading

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– Alan Bond’s wife was found dead at the couple’s mansion in the Perth suburb of Cottesloe yesterday. It is understood the body of Diana Bliss, 57, was discovered in the pool at the luxury two-storey property after a man … Continue reading

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HERO TRIED TO SAVE FAMILY – Wednesday November 2 2011

– Missing flood victim James Perry spent his final minutes trying to desperately save his family before floodwaters tore him away from them forever, an inquest has been told. On the second day at the Coroners’ Court hearing into 25 … Continue reading

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