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Speeding Jet Ski Rider Strikes And Kills Swimmer

May 8th, 2015 A jet ski driver who was speeding in an exclusion zone off Port Melbourne when he struck and killed a swimmer was “fanging” the machine, a witness told police. The County Court also heard on Friday that other witnesses … Continue reading

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Fatal Crash At Fern Hill

September 24th, 2016 Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a fatal crash which occurred at Fern Hill last night. Officers believe a 4WD was headed south along Chanters Lane about 11:15 pm. The driver, believed to be a man in … Continue reading

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Wednesday November 19 2014 – The survivor of a fiery crash that killed two people has been charged by police after leaving hospital yesterday. The 48-year-old was injured in the smash on the Mornington Peninsula Freeway in Dromana on Monday … Continue reading

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Police as Filter The police, as the first agency in the criminal justice process, are also of course the first agency to ‘filter out’ cases which although considered important enough by the public to report, are not considered so by … Continue reading

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Thursday August 29 2013 – A young man has been charged after a 70-year-old Longwarry man died in a car crash last month. Major Collision Investigation Unit detectives charged 23-year-old Hayden Ball, from Cranbourne, following the fatal collision on July … Continue reading

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Sunday August 25 2013 – A man was killed when his van struck traffic lights before slamming into trees in Oakleigh South yesterday. Major Collision Investigation Unit detectives are appealing for witnesses to the horrific crash. Investigators believe a white … Continue reading

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– Princess Diana might have been killed by a member of the British military, according to new information passed to police. Scotland Yard said yesterday it was “scoping” the information – which surfaced in the second court martial of Sergeant … Continue reading

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MAN DIES IN CRASH – Sunday July 28 2013

– A man died and another was left nursing serious injuries after a two-car collision in Gippsland on Friday night. Detectives from the Major Collision Investigation Unit believe a 70-year-old man died instantly when a Ford Focus hatch travelling east … Continue reading

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– Is there a statute of limitations on police corruption? Now that Detective Senior Sergeant Jeff Smith has finally quit “the job”, he’s decided to come clean about something that happened in 1985. Smith was in the Major Crime Squad, … Continue reading

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GEELONG SMASH – Tuesday July 2 2013

– Police are at a loss to explain what caused a horrific single-vehicle crash in Geelong that left one man dead and another in hospital yesterday. Two men had been travelling south along a 70km/h stretch of Mercer Street when … Continue reading

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